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Consejos de ventas B2B imprescindibles para emprendedores y pequeñas empresas

Este blog fue escrito por el autor Joaquín Lázaro.

¿Tiene el ser humano pánico a vender? En mi nuevo ebook de la editorial BookBoon expongo de una manera sencilla y desenfadada consejos contados desde la experiencia personal en ventas B2B. Trato de explicar cómo un emprendedor como yo que trabaja en una pequeña empresa encara la venta B2B tras haberme caído muchas veces por el camino. (more…)

What is gamification? A definition

Gamification definitionWhen I go to networking events or speak to friends and I introduce myself as a gamification designer, immediately the response tends to be: “What is that? You said gam-i-fy…what?”  (more…)

7 essential components for your Customer Journey Map

Customer Journeys are the modern version of customer processes. They describe how customers will travel from a desire to an outcome. If you want to put the customer at the heart of your business, ensuring long-term success, Customer Journey Mapping is something
you will have to do to get there. Find out the essential components of a good Customer Journey Map.

The Magic of Strategic Workforce Management

Why magic, you might ask? By definition, magic is “the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces” and in this sense strategic workforce management is the most magical tool HR has at it disposal. In British English, magic has another connotation by which something is “wonderful, exciting”. This, too, is true for strategic workforce management.


3 Crucial Habits to get Repeat Business and Referrals

The destiny of your business is linked to your character. The destiny of your business is linked to your character.

Successful one-person businesses understand the secrets that make it cost-effective to help current customers return regularly to purchase – and offer to refer and introduce their friends, colleagues and business partners to visit. The alternative is wasting time and overspending by constantly marketing to a new audience. These secrets are relatively simple to replicate.  (more…)

Socializing and Networking: How to Control Your Own Productivity

Socializing and Networking Beginner’s guide to more productivity at work.

Socializing and networking – there is a very thin line between these two. Well, both of them sound just the same. The distinction between the two lies on the topic of conversation. When it is work related, such as career issues in your workplace, it is generally “networking”. If it is not, then it’s a plain socializing.

If socializing is conducted on breaks, lunch times, or after work, this can’t be classified as interruption at all. However, when socializing is done during working hours, it becomes a distraction that affects the productivity of your group. On the other hand, networking interruptions need to be focused and mindful of time constraints to lessen its effect on one’s productivity. (more…)

11 Instant Techniques To Minimise Interruptions

Download “How to manage interruptions” here!

Have you ever experienced working on a very tight deadline and yet people around you seem not to notice and constantly disturb you? Have you ever hated a colleague or two for bringing you into some unnecessary conversations that led to your inability to submit a report on time? Have you ever regret socializing with your co-workers during your working hours? If so, this article is for you! Enumerated here are some of the best ways to maintain and even increase your productivity by minimizing interruptions at work. These techniques really work without making you feel isolated and look like a rude, mean and some sort of an alien inside your office. (more…)

The workplace: It’s a jungle

Download “Office Politics” here!

Patrick Forsyth looks at the necessity to recognise how office politics affects individual performance and careers.


Unless your office is the exception, it may be that you have noticed that in others, whilst on the surface they run smoothly, efficiently and with hardly a murmur to interrupt the air of pleasant calm, there can be something of an underlying hint of intrigue.  In others again there is an unconcealed hotbed of rivalry, enmity and backbiting.  If you were to find yourself in such an environment you would doubtless stand back from it, stay neutral and uninvolved, and get on with the job. And if you find a single person who believes that, then take immediate steps to sell them London’s Tower Bridge; their gullibility must be immense.


Why should I share my contacts?

Download “Networking” here!

Yes, why, indeed, now that I have achieved a favorable position by having attractive and important contacts in my networking portfolio. The most logical scenario would be to keep those cards close to your chest.

Some time ago, I had a meeting with an employee in a big organization. He was to arrange an important event for the greatest contributor to the organization. To make the event successful, he had to ask for help from colleagues who had some of the most important contacts. But when he invited them, he found they were reluctant to cooperate with him and back the arrangement.


5 Steps to bring out the best in your mentee and yourself

Solution Focused Mentoring Learn more about mentoring thanks to Ella de Jong’s eBook “Solution Focused Mentoring”

A lot of mentors are focused on the problems. What went wrong and why? Using a Solution Focused Approach means that you as a mentor are aware of the problems and focus on everything that can help to avoid the problems, overcome them or learn how to “live with them”.


You can easily notice the difference in problem focused mentoring and solution focused mentoring.


The keywords are: energy and hope. (more…)

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