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Soft skills beat tech every time and this is why

Technology is changing the way we work, both as individuals and businesses. A whole host of exciting digital changes have paved the way for new ways of working, and these changes show no sign of slowing down.   (more…)

How do you respond when someone is choking?

What happens when you see someone nearby experiencing a crisis? What happens when you see someone nearby experiencing a crisis? Do you leap into action administering first aid or performing the Heimlich maneuver, or do you stand idly by and wait for help? People with no medical experience and no knowledge of CPR stands idly by and wait for someone to come and administer a life-saving technique. This someone can be you if you are certified in CPR or first aid.


How soft skills can secure you a job in finance

The finance industry isn’t all about data entry and number crunching. In fact, now that AI is on the scene, the industry is on the hunt for individuals with strong soft skills. (more…)

Corporate kindness: How not to be the toxic boss

Anyone who has experienced corporate life in any sector will likely know that kindness and compassion within organisations are often lacking at best. Unfortunately, according to Compassionate coaching in the corporate world by Julia Menaul, this stems from the very idea of compassion at work can be equated with being soft and weak. (more…)

What managers can do about workplace bullying

What comes to mind when you think of bullying? For many of us, the idea of a bully is the same. It’s that mean kid on the schoolyard who picked on others for seemingly no reason. But unfortunately, bullying doesn’t always halt at the toss of a graduation cap. Bullying is everywhere, and workplace bullying is a serious issue. In fact, harassment and bullying are real threats in the workplace. According to the results of a study presented at an annual conference of the British Psychological Society, more than one in eight people admit to being bullied at work. (more…)

Consejos de ventas B2B imprescindibles para emprendedores y pequeñas empresas

Este blog fue escrito por el autor Joaquín Lázaro.

¿Tiene el ser humano pánico a vender? En mi nuevo ebook de la editorial BookBoon expongo de una manera sencilla y desenfadada consejos contados desde la experiencia personal en ventas B2B. Trato de explicar cómo un emprendedor como yo que trabaja en una pequeña empresa encara la venta B2B tras haberme caído muchas veces por el camino. (more…)

Improve work-life balance with our 8 stress management tips

Stress management is fundamentally different from all other management training topics. It can be highly personal and it is not just about work. Stress centers on feelings more than facts which makes it difficult to identify and manage. (more…)

What difficult conversation are you not having today?

This blog was written by author Sarah Simpson.

If I was to ask you if there is a difficult conversation you know you should have or a time when you have ‘spoken around a difficult conversation’, I know the answer would be “yes”. No doubt you find these conversations challenging, or anxiety-inducing and you are most certainly not alone! The good news is that by employing a variety of techniques and approaches you will be undertaking, honest, authentic, positive conversations in no time at all. (more…)

What your soft skills are worth may surprise you

Soft skills such as communication, social intelligence and collaboration are essential to success in business. However, the true worth of these abilities is often overlooked in favor of more easily quantifiable skills such as typing, writing, and mathematics. Whilst all skills are certainly beneficial on both an individual and business level, the consistent undervaluing of soft skills is a subject which needs further discussion.   (more…)

Employee Retention: 6 strategies to keep your best talent

Hiring and firing, is as much a part of business as sales and results. And for one reason or another, employee turnover is unavoidable. However, when an employee leaves, it can cost your business. Hiring new employees involves investing time and resources into hiring, training, and certifying.  (more…)